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Get Sunday rates for working extra weekdays  

As a result of the pressures we are currently facing in keeping beds and theatres open, Oxford University Hospital is announcing a short-term financial incentive scheme to support bank workers within the nursing and midwifery staff group and encourage them to take on some additional shifts where safe to do so.

How does it work?

Each bank member can book any extra week day (Monday to Friday), day shift that they are not already committed to.  For shifts booked between Monday 20 August and Friday 14 September they will be paid the Sunday pay rate.   


Terms and Conditions

  • Nurses will continue to be paid weekly for the work completed at the standard day rate and at the end of the four-week period, the additional sum will be calculated and paid as a lump sum on 28 September 2018
  • All shifts need to be booked via the NHS Professionals booking platform. Timesheets will need to be authorised by the hiring manger and released by the individual by the Wednesday of the following worked week
  • The scheme applies to all workers who have nursing and midwifery staff group assignment codes on their profiles
  • The lump sum payment will be subject to tax

 Sample pay rates

Examples pay rates

Hourly pay to the worker (excluding holiday pay and on costs)

Type of nurse

Current day rate

Proposed hourly day rate

Care support worker



General nurse



Specialist nurse



Specialist nurse (theatres)




Who does the scheme include?

  • All Care support workers
  • All Registered nurses
  • All ODPs
  • All Assistant Practitioners
  • All Divisions


What is excluded by the scheme?

  • Weekend shifts (paid as normal)
  • Evening shifts (paid as normal)


Whilst this is a positive short-term financial scheme, the Trust expects individuals to take responsibility to only book into shifts which you are able to work safely, balancing additional work to ensure that patient safety is not compromised.


For any queries please contact or


Next incentive scheme is the flexible pool ward stating on the 17th September - see here for more details Flexible Pool initiative


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